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Changzhou leqi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Le Qi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in instrumentation, testing accessories production company, has a number of independent R & D products, and received unanimous approval of customers. Production plant covers an area of more than 3000 square meters, plant more than 2000 square meters. With SMT automation production line, high-speed precision injection molding machine, lathes, punching machines, mechanical and other sets of hand, a variety of more than 100 sets of in use mold. The company has 3G high-frequency signal source, 1.5G digital oscilloscope, 3G pulse signal generator, 50KV high voltage test equipment, tensile bending tester and other instruments and equipment to meet the product performance indicators.
The designers of electronic measuring instruments have done a great deal of work in improving instrument measuring ability, accuracy and ease of use. But to really achieve the technical specifications of the instrument, it is necessary to carefully select, annex and operate carefully. In the pursuit of product quality, the company introduced the "test line quality performance testing equipment, adaptation, from temperature and humidity resistance, bending and other aspects of test probe quality, and constantly improve product performance, to ensure product quality and performance after the factory into the market to achieve high quality level. Products are now supporting the production of oscilloscopes, signal generators, multimeter, regulated power supply at home and abroad well-known instrument and meter company.